Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Audiobooker - Blog Reflection for LIS 724


I have decided to start following a blog by Mary Burkey called Audiobooker. This blog is hosted by a highly respected review source: Booklist. In addition, Mary Burkey was the head of the committee that chose the 2009 Odyssey Award winner for best audio book.

I first found out about this blog at the ALA conference this weekend. (see previous post) I am excited to learn more about evaluating audio books, as I plan to add many to my library's collection. So far, there is exactly one audio book available for checkout! At least it's from a great book: one of the Sammy Keye's mysteries. I haven't listened to it yet as it's on cassette and my new(ish) car doesn't have a cassette player.

If you want to check out the entire presentation from Sunday, and more, read audiobooker!


  1. Hi Pam:

    Thanks for the blog (audiobooker) information. I really love audio books. I like to hear them while I go for a walk with my dogs, clean my house or while I am sitting on my porch. I find that they relax me and help me unwind.

    Yesterday, I ran into a fellow DU library students who recommended Goodreads.com. It is a site where you can review books and track what you are reading. You can also read up on what other people are reading and recommending. It looked pretty cool and I am thinking about setting up an account. Let me know if you do too

  2. Thanks, Judith. I hadn't heard of that resource. I'll check it out! I'm already signed up on Shelfari. They sound similar. Have you seen Shelfari?

  3. http://www.shelfari.com/teacherlibrarian/shelf

    Judith, I think this link should get you to my shelf in Shelfari.