Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bottom of the Pile - Personal Blog Reflection for LIS 724

I started this blog because it was required for two of my Library and Information Science classes: LIS 724: Media Services and Production and LIS 725: Curriculum and School Libraries. I admit I was reluctant at first. I didn't think I'd have that much to say, or that it just wouldn't be that interesting for others to read. Well, it turns out that I have plenty to say! Whether it is interesting to others or not is yet to be seen.

Setting up the blog was quite easy. I already had an account on Google, so I just added a blog to that account. I've been playing around a bit with adding "gadgets" and changing the names of the various sections on the page.

For LIS 725, we are required to read each other's blogs and make comments. I've enjoyed that aspect quite a bit! Even though we are blogging about the same reading or class discussion, we all have our own views, experiences, and perspectives. I also found some new information about the ISAIL library standards by reading my instructor's blog. I feel so "up to date!" I'm looking forward to reading what blogs my other LIS 724 classmates are interested in. JVLopez investigated freetech4teachers and it's filled with great ideas. Chris, my LIS 724 instructor will love that one... she is always downloading free stuff onto her computers. (She probably already has it bookmarked on delicious, I'm sure!)

One of my worries is that its going to be difficult to keep up with so many different blogs, even with a reader/aggregator.

I am also experiencing a bit of the ol' Junior High feelings of inadequacy - no one's responded to my blog except my teacher, and she has to! (Still, thanks for the comment, Erin!) It makes me think about the purpose of a blog... is it to express oneself, create connections, come up with unique ideas, feel popular, vent? Maybe all of the above.


  1. Hi Pam:

    I love your blog. You really put a lot of work into it for someone that says she was reluctant at first -- it looks great! I like the idea of a blog but find that I can get lost in all that is out there for us to view. Currently, I think that I am on information overload because of our LIS 724 class and all the new stuff we are learning. You are fortunate in that you will be able to apply much of what we are learning this year. I, on the other hand, will have to wait until next year to try all the cool tech stuff with my kids. On the upside, I can keep practicing, learning, and playing with it. I surely hope that we can all keep in touch and help each other out as we start our new careers as librarians. Perhaps we should start a "keep in touch" blog where we could ask for help and provide each other support. I am sure many newbies would benefit, especially me. I figure the new librarians this year can mentor next year's newbies. What do you think?

  2. Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog AND it looks like you're going to continue to add to it. Bravo! I really think they have a place for professional development. For those who enjoy writing and sharing ideas, it has to be extremely rewarding to know that your thoughts are being communicated to others.
    Hope you continue this and use it as a reflection on what you're learning.